Great Bear has free parking and admission.

Please bring a map and sign in at the kiosk.

Be kind and respectful to other visitors.

At Great Bear, you can...


Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike


Great Bear has 11 miles of rustically maintained wooded trails for varied terrain.

Stream crossings all have wooden bridges.

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike


 Over 11 miles of twisting flowing single track and 1.3 miles of dirt or gravel road.

Please ride e-Bikes responsibly.

(Winter bike access only when there is not enough snow for skiing and snowshoeing. )

Walk your Dog

Mountain Bike

Walk your Dog


Dogs are welcome. Please keep them under your control and pick up after them. You can even take them down to the river for a swim.

Swim and Fish

Ski and Snowshoe

Walk your Dog


 The Oswego River is down Great Bear Rd or take Alec's Trail (the yellow trail) to River's Landing. You will find a stony beach where you can wade or wash off your dog.

Ski and Snowshoe

Ski and Snowshoe

Ski and Snowshoe


Great Bear usually gets plenty of lake effect snow. The trails are not groomed. Watch out for the bridges.  If you are snowshoeing, please walk next to the ski tracks.

Ride your Horse

Ski and Snowshoe

Ski and Snowshoe


Many of the trails are well suited for horses. Please ride around the bridges. They were not built for the extra weight.

(Sorry no winter access)

When at Great Bear...

Do not use motorized vehicles

Electrics bikes are OK.

Only use during the day

Great Bear is only open from dawn to dusk. No overnight camping.

Don't leave valuables in you car

Leave them at home.

Sign in at the kiosk

Please sign the book at the kiosk. It will help us know how the area is being used.

Stay on trails

Please stay on the trails. Don't make new trails. Don't get poison ivy.

Control your dogs

You may let your dogs off leash as long as you can keep them near you, and you are in control. Pease pick up after them.

Yield to other visitors

Please be considerate to other visitors. Bikes yield to all others and walkers yield to horses.

Don't get lost

The trail system is extensive. Please visit the maps page  for tips to get you back to your car.

Don't hunt or practice shoot

Please leave your guns at home.