Great Bear Trail Map

The Friends of Great Bear, its supporters, the City of Fulton, the Town of Volney and CNY Landtrust assume no risk or liability for the accuracy of the map or any use of the Great Bear Springs property. Trails might not be marked and are not maintained. Many known and unknown hazards exist. Use at your own risk.

Please ...

  • Park in the lot being considerate to others. Do not leave valuables in the car.
  • Carry a map or smartphone with Google Maps or a trail app with our trails.
  • Stay on existing trails.
  • Yield to other trail users. Bikes yield to all, Hikers yield to horses.
  • Stay off posted private property.
  • Take out what you bring in.
  • Keep dogs under your control and pick up have them.
  • Do not ride horses on the bridges. They were not built for the weight of a horse.

Let’s respect and preserve this recreational resource for all users to enjoy.

You may download a printable pdf below. 

Don't Get Lost

Smartphone Trail Apps

The best way not to get lost is to use a GPS mapping app on your phone.

These GPS trail apps all contain the Great Bear trails. Using one will help you find your way home.

Google Maps, MTB Project, Hiking Project, AllTrails and TrailForks

Carry a Map

Download and print the map from below and take it with you.

Watch for Trail Markers

Most of the trails are marked with colored disks. Some trails have name-signs at the begining of the trail. Some trails are not marked.  The 5k and 10k courses are marked with wooden arrows and overlap multiple trails. 

Watch for the You Are Here signs

There are maps posted throughout the park with a marker to show you where you are.

Follow the Parking trail signs

Watch for the "Parking" trail signs throughout the park to direct you back to your car.

Route Maps

5k Route

10k Route

10k Route


This route is marked white wooden arrow with a red stripe.

You may download a printable pdf below.

10k Route

10k Route

10k Route


This route's markers are labeled "10k".

 You may download a printable pdf below. 

Apple Trail/Accessible Loop


The Apple Trail and roads are accessible to those in wheelchairs.